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As we age, changes in skin tones and bone lead to the formation of wrinkles and volume loss. It's as if our faces literally drop. But it is possible to slow down the process, smoothing wrinkles and restoring volume. There are so many clever treatments available today that almost any area of the face, neck, decolletage, hands can be treated - even migraines and problems with excessive sweating.


Wrinkle smoothing products


Frown lines

Horizontal forehead lines

Crows feet

Bunny lines (around the nose)

Lip lines (smoker's lines)

Dermal fillers




Jaw area


fine lines

Dry, tired-looking skin with fine lines


If the above is what you see in the mirror, Profhilo could be for you. It nourishes the dermal cells, restores firmness to the skin, plumbs, reduces the appearance of fine lines and lasts for up to 6 months. The treatment is hyaluronic based and is neither a filler nor mesotherapy - yet is has the benefits of both.  Two sessions are recommended.

Painful, osteoarthritic knees


Just one injection of Synvisc-One in the knee can provide enough cushioning and lubrication to provide 6 months pain relief from osteoarthritis in the joint.



Chemical peels remove dead cells from the skin surface allowing new healthy cells to grow back creating a smoother, fresher-looking skin. They can rejuvenate the skin on the face, neck, forearms and chest. Good for: fine wrinkles, sun spots, acne scars, liver spots and rosacea.

Microneedling uses multiple small needles to prick the skin. This initiates the healing process stimulating the body's natural production of collagen and elastin. Good for: scarring, acne marks, stretch marks, open pores, fine lines and skin laxity. A course of 6 is recommended.

PDO Threads

The PDO Thread lift is a treatment that lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue. Using threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), it stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin to lift and improve the quality of the skin. It gives the benefit of a face lift without going under the knife. It is relatively painless with minimal downtime. The effect can last 2-4 years.